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[BETA] - Maverick Launcher

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22 minutes ago, Cenimm said:

1. Add maverick log inside the client or remove it... 


Just temporary

22 minutes ago, Cenimm said:

 2. Make it possible to close and minimize it. 


Close Only, no minimize. - We dont want it to run while you're doing stuff or playing games, close it and leave it

23 minutes ago, Cenimm said:

 3. The function when you open up the tab "to see the full name" Remove it and have it open all the time becuse you have this bigray box anyway so why not fill it out with the box? or if you keep it change the animation its looks bad and i think its litel overkill, why not just normal slide out?.


We want to fill this space in the future, we're just busy fixing bugs to really work on it.

24 minutes ago, Cenimm said:

  4. have report in a small bottom under the games and add easy help guide to load cheat to game insted.


In the plans


24 minutes ago, Cenimm said:

 5. have a hover funktion on launch.


Any examples?


25 minutes ago, Cenimm said:

 6. add logo on the top? and make it take you to the website.


Will think of a good way to do this


26 minutes ago, Cenimm said:

 7. lower the maverickcheat text?


Bug - Fixed in latest version


26 minutes ago, Cenimm said:

 8. When you open up the game tab and you click on the profile foto, make it so you get to the profile on the website? 


Good idea, will do.


26 minutes ago, Cenimm said:

 9. make a settings tab so you can híde cheats or other stuff.

Want too, just time consuming. Will do once the Launcher page is done

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With hover i mean like when you hover your mouse over the website tabs it get darker, i think it will look  cool to use that on launch bottom

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how about you change the menu back before this bullshit new loader, it crashes gta every time i try and load it. i feel for this to happen to me after buying this not even a month ago is kinda whack 

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On 1/13/2019 at 11:45 AM, Aczero_Ricky said:



16 hours ago, Brothermeaty22 said:

I would like some directions. I'm not sure how to open menus in games ext. 

Okay so for everything Maverick works for you'l wanna press "insert"  

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On 1/13/2019 at 1:37 AM, CrispyCheats said:


To Do:

- Auto Launch Game after Injection

- Add Automatic Game Location

- Fill Middle Grey Part somehow



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For the next Launcher update pls add some useful tings. i dont know how difficult this things are to programming.

1. Add a Close Icon to close the launcher. (not in the windows bar)

2. Add a Minimize button to minimize the launcher

3. Add a Icon for the launcher so that it shows in the Windows bar.

4. Add a logout button

5. Add Statusinformations about the Cheats. like in the picture. that the users know when to not use to dont get banned ;)


-Sometimes the login dont works. simetimes it says thaht te profile are not activated. Sometimes it says the password is wrong but it isnt.

-The login whit the Internet is Awesome. it works everytime :)


i hope thats helpful and some things are in the next update included.  

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