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GTA V will no longer load into Story mode

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Hello everyone,,

I was playing the LSPDFR a couple weeks ago and it was fine. Logged off as per usual.. everything is alright. Come back to play the next day and my game won't load into story mode.

I've deleted the rockstar files, I've deleted my plugins, free movies to watch unblocked I've checked for updates for OpenIV and RagePluginHook, scripthook.. everything.

I've reinstalled the game and it still won't load! I don't understand. I have changed literally nothing on my computer. I just turn it off as per usual and the next day I can't log in.

Help is appreciated. I have no idea what's the problem.. my logs tell me nothing is wrong.

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Our Cheat doesn't support RPH/LSPDFR Mod
So, you must reinstall GTA5

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