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  1. CSGO Internal Changelog: (June 2019) Improvements Aimbot - Reorganized weapon settings in 5 groups: Pistol | Rifle | Sniper | Smg | Heavy - When a setting is adjusted, all weapons in that class will inherit from it - Aimbot FOV is now much more precise and will prioritize targets with more certainty - Aimbot Smooth has been entirely reworked. It is now faster and more responsive - Added Recoil compensation to weapon groups - Added curved movement (was linear before). This will help fight VACNet and Faceit - Added vertical and horizontal speed compensation - Added a delay to Auto-Shoot and Triggerbot. Delay is randomly generated between the range of 100-200 ms Note: When using a semi-automatic weapon such as pistols or snipers, it is recommended to use a custom aim key User Interface - Greatly improved FPS while menu is open (up to 80% on some tabs) - Added support for tabs with custom icons - Added Checkbox animations - Reworked Sliders to match with the new UI style - Replaced tab names by icons - Removed FOV acceleration slider - Removed Direction acceleration slider - Tweaked menu interface Visuals - Added Glow ESP, teammates and enemies included - Added health based glow esp for enemies - Added engine radar, you'll be able see unspotted enemies on your game minimap - Added bounding esp boxes - Improved esp box placement when entity is crouched or sideways - Added "Scoped" status. Displays whether the entity is currently scoping with a sniper - Added Flashed status - Added "Money" status. Displays entity available money - Added Reloading status - Added Defuse-kit status - Added Bomb Carrier holder Skinchanger - Added latest available skins - Removed filters, they were heavy on performance - Removed weapon paint kits from skins labels Triggerbot - You can now set a custom keybind Configs - You can now right click on an existing config and choose rename/remove - Added color setting for glow Bugs - Fixed more crashes - Fixed "weapon error script" messages - Fixed "Draw Spread" - Fixed "Draw Fov" - Fixed skinchanger random crashes - Fixed grenade trajectory informer - Fixed reveal ranks Security DLL - Added RTTI obfuscation Injector - Erase module header information after injection Other - You can quickly close the menu by pressing 'escape' or 'esc' - Aimbot won't aim while menu is open - Triggerbot won't shoot while menu is open - The follwing features have been added to the free version: Visuals: Show Health, Armor, Bones, Glow The aimbot rework took more time than I expected, I apologize for the delay.
  2. CSGO Internal Changelog: - Fixed an exploit with Configs allowing you to enable paid features on a free subscription. - Fixed a few crashes related to weapons - Fixed injection on Windows 7
  3. CSGO Internal Changelog: (May 2019) Improvements - Updated for game version 1.36.9 - Cheat is now much more stable - Reworked configs - Reworked renderer and improved performance Bugs - Fixed a crash with ExceptionHandler on dll unload - Fixed a crash when loading maps - Fixed configs sometimes unable to Save & Load - Fixed crashes with skinchanger and backtrack Security - Improved Anti Debug on Windows 10RS4 1803 Other - Upgraded to Dear ImGui version 1.70 WIP NOTE: Internally, it is a huge update for the cheat. It will allow us to work more efficiently on future updates. If you notice any issues with it, please submit a bug report.
  4. GTA5 Internal [VIP] changelog (April 2019) Security - Improved anticheat bypass (Script thread scans, stealth money, objects and vehicles spawn)
  5. GTA5 Internal [VIP] changelog (March 2019) New Features - Added Flying Car. Keybinds are: - 'W' to go Forward - 'A' to go Left - 'D' to go Right - 'Space' to instantly stop - 'Numepad 5' to move Pitch Up (z coordinate) - 'Numepad 8' to move Pitch Down (x coordinate) - Re-added $2500 money bags Improvements - Improved anticheat bypass - Improved Teleport to Waypoint - Switched to a main, better perfomant game thread to improve cycles - Improved pattern scanner - Improved performance - Improved Event Listener Bugs - Fixed Bullet Force - Fixed No Recoil - Fixed crashes with specific weapons - Fixed Unlimited Ammo - Fixed Global Weather - Fixed crashes with gameclock - Fixed a bug with remote events sometime spreading on other players - Fixed Remote Protections Security - Better Mutation - Better Virtualization - Better String protection Other - Minor internal changes
  6. You simply click "spectate" again, it's like an on/off switch
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