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  1. GTA5 Internal [VIP] changelog (April 2019) Security - Improved anticheat bypass (Script thread scans, stealth money, objects and vehicles spawn)
  2. GTA5 Internal [VIP] changelog (March 2019) New Features - Added Flying Car. Keybinds are: - 'W' to go Forward - 'A' to go Left - 'D' to go Right - 'Space' to instantly stop - 'Numepad 5' to move Pitch Up (z coordinate) - 'Numepad 8' to move Pitch Down (x coordinate) - Re-added $2500 money bags Improvements - Improved anticheat bypass - Improved Teleport to Waypoint - Switched to a main, better perfomant game thread to improve cycles - Improved pattern scanner - Improved performance - Improved Event Listener Bugs - Fixed Bullet Force - Fixed No Recoil - Fixed crashes with specific weapons - Fixed Unlimited Ammo - Fixed Global Weather - Fixed crashes with gameclock - Fixed a bug with remote events sometime spreading on other players - Fixed Remote Protections Security - Better Mutation - Better Virtualization - Better String protection Other - Minor internal changes
  3. You simply click "spectate" again, it's like an on/off switch
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