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  1. We will never create hacks for 1. Pubg 2. Fortnite 3. R6S 4. Apex legend And we pretty much don't take cheat request
  2. pretty much all menu's infinite ammo dont work with mkii
  3. https://maverickcheats.eu/status/index.html
  4. 50ShadesOfUs

    Cancle order

    If u mean u only want the cheat for 1 month, pls cancel ur auto renewal Here
  5. 50ShadesOfUs

    Cancle order

    If you mean a refund, unless u r facing a problem considered unfixable by high ranking staffs, the chances of you getting it is low
  6. Delete auto log-in file
  7. 50ShadesOfUs

    Not working

    Does is still happen after loading into a match?
  8. 50ShadesOfUs

    Not working

    He is in the bf4 forums ._.
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