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  1. EFT Changelog: (16 May 2019) Improvements - Added Extract Points Shows both Scav and Player Extracts - Added Extract Points Toggle Can be disabled from the Menu Note: This feature is a low performance impact as we cache the Extract Positions EFT Changelog (14 May 2019) Improvements - Added option to disable FOV Limit - Set FPS/RPS to 30 (Default) to save Performance/Resources - Added Keybind Config for Aimbot You may select the Aimbot Keybind from the Menu Config now - Changed Skeleton render distance to 100m Clutter Reasons, will be configurable soon - Set Head Marker render distance to 250m Clutter Reasons, will be configurable soon Bugs Fixed - Fixed Skeleton - The Skeleton function would draw lines from the Neck to the Head improperly when Head Marker was disabled, these lines would draw to the middle of the map/screen. - Fixed Aimbot FOV - Fixed ESP Lag on ALL MAPS - The Player Location wasn't updated constantly on every map, I have since fixed this issue I believe. - Fix Bug with Weapons Names, Text and other Strings crashing the cheat due to them being empty/null
  2. Options still in development/ not released to public
  3. Nah, it's more fun to mute them and sooner or later completely obliterate this group, in addition, they won't read the announcement anyways considering they can't read the chatbox msg directly above them
  4. Shadesbrain.exe has successfully stopped working. Well firstly, I'm sure u already know that the interal and external menu reads data differently and also due to that, the external menu is severely limited on the type of feature we can add It is also harder to find features that work for external, e.g stealth money working on VIP but not on free Both of our menus are also developed by 2 different developers, the VIP developed by split, who does internal cheats, while the free is done by crispy. Unlike split who pretty much solely developes the cheats, crisp needs to handle some admin stuff as well + all of us are bz IRL too Part of our business model is always having a free version, so yea, we won't close down the free menu. And tbh, that won't cause much difference in r*, given that there's stealth money etc in the paid cheats, causing r* to lose profits from sharkcards, it is nothing spending a small margin on the cheat to investigate it compared to the larger lost of profit from the cheat actively running
  5. Planned on the VIP menu
  6. We will never create hacks for 1. Pubg 2. Fortnite 3. R6S 4. Apex legend And we pretty much don't take cheat request
  7. pretty much all menu's infinite ammo dont work with mkii
  8. Change mouse input type in GTA settings
  9. https://maverickcheats.eu/status/index.html
  10. 50ShadesOfUs

    Cancle order

    If u mean u only want the cheat for 1 month, pls cancel ur auto renewal Here
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