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  1. There's no 100% chance that u won't get banned, cheating itself is a risk
  2. Probably reducing his chances Can't even follow simple instructions
  3. funny sit tho, chods are literally getting more of their users banned than us, they also get detected way more often, they juz hatin on us i suggest contacting an admin in the future for this kind of stuff
  4. Then it's because u have the wrong discord account linked to ur forum account, unlink it and retry
  5. 50ShadesOfUs

    EFT News

    Current Situation Our EFT Cheat is going Invite Only We have a cheat base and bypass prepared. We are working on finishing the cheat, drawing players and further testing to ensure undetectability. Invite Applications will be announced sometime today/tomorrow with an Application Process to apply for the Invite Only builds NO ETA AT THIS TIME Refunds Refunds will be provided for EFT purchases made within august 2019 Refunds can be requested by creating a Support Ticket and choosing the Department 'Refund' Support Tickets: Support Invite Eligibility Factors - Account Age - Number of Purchases - Activity/Posting Activity - Discord/Community Reputation - Discord/Community Engagement During the reviewal process, any applications will subject to the senior staffs reviewing your profile and looking for these traits. We will also search Discord if you have a Linked Discord.
  6. Loader Changelog: (8 August 2019) Launcher(v0.14) Improvements - Launcher will now install DirectX Library (SlimDX) if SlimDX is not already installed - Launcher will determine if you're launching an External Cheat that requires SlimDX and will Install It before it Launches the Cheat
  7. That is an invoice, u dont have to pay it. The $1 is only when u renew the trial cheat
  8. We only have plans to continue development of EFT only if BattlEye is not getting full implementation. Some games that BattlEye protects have no Driver/Ring0 measures If Escape From Tarkov uses this BattlEye version, we have no problem bypassing it. If they use the Full BattlEye AntiCheat, we will seize actions as soon as the game recieves the Full BattlEye Implementation.
  9. Read the sentence with understanding
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