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  1. With ped drop the game will stop you after $60k, VIP does not have this issue and has working stealth money which can add $10mil per second.
  2. The game limits money bags to 2.5k. Also even if possible larger drops would be very risky for the player involved.
  3. There are no current plans to produce cheats for Apex, Apex Legends also uses Easy Anti-Cheat which is notoriously effective.
  4. You can buy VIP here:
  5. yoky

    bf1 ,bf5

    There are no current plans to make cheats for either of those games.
  6. They are. Even if answered.
  7. There are some known issues with skinchanger causing crashing, try not using the skinchanger and see if it works then.
  8. Are you using skinchanger?
  9. yoky


    You were unblocked because the blocklist data was lost in the forum ui update and the chat mutes were restored when we rolled back the forums to regain previous data.
  10. No, because all other features still work.
  11. If you are referring to no recoil etc. those features are detected and will not return unless a new method can be found.
  12. 1) We have a fully functional status page. 2) If people just read the rules which are easily accessible they would not be muted. 3) Muting people is more than justified due to the numerous consecutive messages regarding the same 'issue' which is redundant and wastes peoples time answering 24/7. Just read the rules and there will be no issues.
  13. yoky

    Trojan Virus

    It is not a virus, it is a false positive by your antivirus. In order for your cheat to work properly you need to disable your antivirus.
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