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  1. yoky


    Yes there is a free cheat for gta, it can be launched from the launcher although it does not have a money loop at the moment although VIP still does.
  2. yoky

    GTA 5 [VIP] Installation and Details

    You already have an open support ticket, wait for that to be replied to.
  3. yoky

    why im ban in chat box without warning

    You cannot appeal chatbox mutes, more information can be found here:
  4. yoky

    Block list

  5. yoky

    GTA 5 [VIP] Installation and Details

  6. yoky

    EFT - Updated and Undetected

    No, they are updating.
  7. yoky

    GTA 5 [PAID] Installation and Details

    The 2.5k drop on other players feature is currently disabled and being worked on, any button that is greyed out is under development and yet to be implemented.
  8. yoky

    Game Crashing

    Please open a support ticked including all logs here: https://maverickcheats.eu/community/support/
  9. yoky

    GTA 5 [PAID] Installation and Details

    The normal paid menu is discontinued, and yes you can buy VIP which can be found here:
  10. yoky


    The money loop is not working for both paid and free since the method was patched although it still works for VIP.
  11. yoky

    GTA 5 [VIP] Installation and Details

    Please open a support ticket here: https://maverickcheats.eu/community/support/
  12. yoky

    EFT - Updated and Undetected

    There is no ETA sorry.
  13. yoky


    No problem, you too.
  14. yoky


    Hi, that cheat is not up for sale at the moment, although if you wish to buy premium cheats for GTA our VIP menu is still for sale and is only $25 at the moment if you use the code XMAS at checkout.
  15. yoky

    GTA5 VIP

    No problem.