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  1. clownz


    Disables your braincells #Edit It disables the rockstar anticheat
  2. Name changerChange player model - Change WardrobeSpecific customization for your cars, spawned cars, other player carsMore moneybags per second, or more valueProtections against attached objects, game crash etc. " More protections in general "A indicator which shows you blocked requests
  3. clownz

    Crash logs (EXPLAINED)

    What you are doing, is just describing the consequences of an error log, but not the error log itself #edit Describing your individual consequences of your error log.
  4. clownz

    Crash logs (EXPLAINED)

    In computer science, an error log is a record of critical errors that are encountered by the application, operating system or server while in operation. Some of the common entries in an error log include table corruption and configuration corruption. Error logs in many cases serve as extremely useful tools for troubleshooting and managing systems, servers and even networks.
  5. clownz

    Crash logs (EXPLAINED)

    Do you know what error logs are?
  6. clownz

    Crash logs (EXPLAINED)

    Overall good, but where are the error logs?
  7. @TarkovOps Sources to your information
  8. clownz

    EfT question and request.

    @Dxad Check out the other forum posts. Its all selfexplained.
  9. Big thanks goes out to @Splitx12 List of Events: - Request Control (Prevents you from inheriting ownership from others) - Give Control (Prevents modders from touching your vehicle) - Game Weather (Prevents Host from changing the weather for you) - Game Clock (Prevents Host from changing game time for you) - Give Weapon (Prevents modders from giving you weapons) - Remove Weapon (Prevents modders from removing weapons off you) - Remove All Weapons (Prevents modders from removing ALL weapons off you) - Fire (Blocks fire from spreading on you) - Explosions (Blocks all sort of explosions on your client, water, fire loop etc..) - Start Projectile (Blocks all kind of projectile) - Alter Wanted Level (Prevents modders from changing your wanted level) - Change Radio Station - Ragdoll Request (Blocks ragdoll requests) - Start Synced Scene (Prevents modders from teleporting you) - Request Synced Scene - Update Synced Scene - Stop Synced Scene - Remote Game Scripts (Completely blocks script events, may break some game features) - Clear Ped Tasks (Prevents modders from freezing you) - Sound Car Horn - Play Remote Sound (Completly blocks remote sounds from players) - Stop Remote Sound - Remote Stat Change (Prevents modders from altering your stats) - Network CRC Hash (Blocks Rockstars CRC Check) - Network CRC Exe Size (Blocks Rockstars Exe Integrity Check) - Network Code CRC (Blocks Rockstars Code Check) - Network Catalog CRC (Blocks Rockstars DLL Check) - Kick Votes (Removes kick votes off you) - PTFX (Prevents modders from spawning particles) - Report Myself (Prevents local reports on you) - Cash Spawn (Prevents cash spawn reports and logs on you)
  10. Many softwareprograms which are unknown to microsoft, going to appear as "Viruses". As long as you're not downloading dirty porns from unserious websites or other bullshit, u wont need a AV program. Also many AV programs are the reason that games crash often.
  11. clownz

    Banned after 17 hours

    Oh just 150 mil here, 150 levels there.. but why do i get banned? Its not like they work with algorithm to detect cheaters. And someone who spends about 120 mil over night, well .. you just exaggerated it
  12. Im sure they will do their best to fix the problem. If not however, they will pay you back somehow, either refund the money or give you some other cirspy cheats idk. Dont hang your head bro, keep the motivation up. It surely will work soon again. greetings. #edit: EFT Cheat is going Invite Only Only Invites will be provided by me and my Developer. We will determine how we provide Invites once our cheats finished. Refunds will be provided for EFT purchases made AFTER the BattlEye Update as well as 24 Hours prior to the update. We will take Refund Requests by a method defined in the next few days.
  13. As the title already explains, i want to start this topic to explain the SelfProtection features To begin, i dont know if its 100% correct what im trying to explain to you. But since i couldnt get an answer i tryed it myself for a long time and found out some interesting stuff. 1) Request Control - Not really sure. 2) Give control - blocks activitys around you as far as i know ( for example getting in a car or drive the car ) 3) Game Weather - self explained 4) Game Clock - self explained 5) Give weapon - self explained 6) Remove Weapon - self explained 7) Remove all Weapons - self explained 8.) Fire - blocks fire animations 9) Explosions - blocks explosions animation, and protects you from other moders which use for example "kick player" or "suicide player" on you. 10) Start Projectile - blocks the projectile animations, (rockets, bullets etc.) 11) Alter Wanted Level - think it blocks other moders to set wanted levels at you ( not sure ) 12) Change Radion Station - think it blocks other players to switch between radio channels ( again not sure ) 13) Ragdoll Request - blocks every incoming ragdoll request ( Npc, players ) ( not really sure ) 14) Request, Update, Stop Synced Scene - Has to do with, who guest it .. synced scenes .. but what exactly, i dont know. 15) Remote Game Scripts - it clearly blocks game scripts, but what exactly i dont know. ( as far as i know it blocks CEO activitys for other players too ) 16) Clear Tasks - Protects yourself from moder which freeze your for example ( so you can move again ) 17) Sound Car Horn - self explained 18) Play & stop remote sound - not really sure, i think it should play and stop any remote sounds around you. 19) The 4 Networks - No idea. 20) Kick votes - self explained 21) PTFX - No idea. 22) Report Myself Event - self explained 23 - Cash Spawn Event - self explained And again guys, im really not into the scripting stuff and all these things, my english is also really terrible as you can tell. But i try to be usefull and help you out. If any Staff wants to help me fill out this list correctly, me and the community would be really thankful. Greetings, clownz. Happy days in Los Santos.
  14. clownz

    Banned after 17 hours

    You're using hacks and ask us now, if you did something wrong? Guys, come on. I think this topic can we #closed.
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