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  1. CrispyCheats

    bug with eft

    Try now, made some changes. Please report the issue under the Bug Report section if the issue persists.
  2. You're not supposed to have it open, only when you need to launch a cheat.
  3. Status Update: While our Remake of the cheat is underway, I'll be releasing an updated version of our EFT cheat.
  4. We're working on it, expect it by the end of the month.
  5. Stop asking for ETAs, why something is broken or whether something is working or not. It's redundant and stupid, anyone caught doing so will be muted from chatbox, and speak in English only cheers! Use the Support Section to report Crashing Issues, use the Bug Report section to Report features that aren't working properly.
  6. CrispyCheats

    Game Request

    We used to write these cheats long ago but we stopped due to their AntiCheat. We were big cheat devs for the Bohemia Line Up.
  7. Just temporary Close Only, no minimize. - We dont want it to run while you're doing stuff or playing games, close it and leave it We want to fill this space in the future, we're just busy fixing bugs to really work on it. In the plans Any examples? Will think of a good way to do this Bug - Fixed in latest version Good idea, will do. Want too, just time consuming. Will do once the Launcher page is done
  8. Bug Reports https://maverickcheats.eu/community/forum/23-bug-report/ Include, Logs, Details, Errors, Recordings, Pictures or whatever details you have.
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