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    Current Situation Our EFT Cheat is going Invite Only We have a cheat base and bypass prepared. We are working on finishing the cheat, drawing players and further testing to ensure undetectability. Invite Applications will be announced sometime today/tomorrow with an Application Process to apply for the Invite Only builds NO ETA AT THIS TIME Refunds Refunds will be provided for EFT purchases made within august 2019 Refunds can be requested by creating a Support Ticket and choosing the Department 'Refund' Support Tickets: Support Invite Eligibility Factors - Account Age - Number of Purchases - Activity/Posting Activity - Discord/Community Reputation - Discord/Community Engagement During the reviewal process, any applications will subject to the senior staffs reviewing your profile and looking for these traits. We will also search Discord if you have a Linked Discord.
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    Version 0.11b


    Use the file somewhere in a folder on your desktop for the best experience.
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    I used this 1 or 2 months ago for GTA V and it worked fine. Unfortunantly, the money loop is not working. Other than that, amazing cheat, but please fix this issue.
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    When will the GTA V hack be available again.
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    Dayz, has no anticheat
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    APB Reloaded its nice i am ready to pay for Paid Edition on this game, because this game is P2W
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    I'd pay for this as as well
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    I would be willing to pay for this.
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    im down for this but no big aim bot or that just money and xp just because it takes year to get anywhere in that game, could even have see through wall stuff like youve done for bf4 but impliment that in warthunder
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    Ark Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    GTA Multiplayers (FiveM, RageMP) SCP: Secret Laboratory
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    Roblox love hacking on this
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    When I try to load my GTAV paid cheat it just says you have 60 seconds to open game, i open it but it does nothing
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    So, as i am very curious, and like to get involved. Communication is everything. So i liked to know this or that. Will that invite only for EfT, be a temp thing till the BattleEye is confirmed in its 'official' update (predicted to be in EfT's Hide Out update, after/during the new Unity update). As iv read before there is different version of BattleEye and some versions that have some aspects enabled or disabled. what not. But the version used currently in EfT is not the 'Official Version', but are testing it to what BattleState feels comfortable with for EfT. so, might be less secure in the future? Because as it stands now... background programs like ReShade isnt authorized for use, and im surprised how much flak it has received from JUST that. So will it have the possibility to go back to public? ===================================== General thoughts on Invite Only and 'Refunds' TL;DR: Good. Invite Eligibility Factors- Account Age- Number of Purchases- Activity/Posting Activity- Discord/Community Reputation- Discord/Community Engagemen -my account isnt too old -i dont care for CSGO, i might buy GTAV cheats due to Take-Two's bullshittery. -i am quite active here and there, even opened a thread to just talk a few times when the cheat engine was down. -dont exactly have a discord. and my rep is 0 for being too young. -i can get on discord, but dont know what i would do there. and iv been very engaged with the website community since i found the site and got my EfT cheats. =I also keep seeing 'application' but dont see them posted anywhere or submission for them Iv run game servers before and know why things need to be restricted and things should be on the down-low. I have been staffing game servers from Arma, to Garrys Mod, to Ark, to CSS and CSGO, ect etc. and even been an owner a few times, for over 12 years now. I understand that there needs to be restrictions when things come up here and there. If something needs to be done, then things need to be done. A big part of helping with motivation is money, easily. So I will not be asking for a refund, its my way of supporting MaverickCheats. Hope to work with or even play with MaverickCheats when i get that invite.... sometime in the future if its still restricted to invite only. Good Luck.
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    For me, the Maverick launcher's auto-login sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, instead displaying "Username or Email incorrect" even though I can just immediately click the log-in button to login so they must be.
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    We wanna see suggestions for new cheats that we can develop, these suggestions SHOULD NOT include games that run EasyAntiCheat or BattlEye as we do not wish to return to these games. Suggestions will be added to a Poll to be voted on in the future. Thank you.
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    Lifetime meant as long as they continued to develop the cheat. As they are going private now, it would be considered an entirely new product, meaning you would have to pay for it again if you receive an invite. You can check the “News” section for all the details they have realesed as of yet, including who is eligible for a refund. As of now, there is nothing you can do to increase your chances of getting an invite because the developers haven’t released that information yet. Just be patient and cross your fingers.
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    Scum and 7 days to die cheats would be great
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    This. I will buy the day you release it.
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    What will Happen if the devs rly will use, BattleEye for EFT? Will u stop develope cheats for EFT?
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    We only have plans to continue development of EFT only if BattlEye is not getting full implementation. Some games that BattlEye protects have no Driver/Ring0 measures If Escape From Tarkov uses this BattlEye version, we have no problem bypassing it. If they use the Full BattlEye AntiCheat, we will seize actions as soon as the game recieves the Full BattlEye Implementation.
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    my installer stops at the {request sent} line of code and i don't know how to fix it
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    teleport to waypoint and vechile god mod isnt working.
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    Where is the Money Loop in Free Version??!! ToT
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    And clearly u didn't read the rule of no requesting for games with eac or battleye
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    you can play again just create another steam account and buy the game again
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    Now I'm using VIP but it cant be use GTA just send me back to window could you fixed it?
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    No cooldowns on ceo mission stuff like selling cars
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    vip is updated, free well, enjoy waiting for crispy to be back from vacation
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    I don't think it is working after the Casino DLC was added in to the game.
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    plz fix money loop!!!
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    Don's money hack is broken, but it's perfect if you fix it.
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    CSGO Internal Changelog: (June 2019) Improvements Aimbot - Reorganized weapon settings in 5 groups: Pistol | Rifle | Sniper | Smg | Heavy - When a setting is adjusted, all weapons in that class will inherit from it - Aimbot FOV is now much more precise and will prioritize targets with more certainty - Aimbot Smooth has been entirely reworked. It is now faster and more responsive - Added Recoil compensation to weapon groups - Added curved movement (was linear before). This will help fight VACNet and Faceit - Added vertical and horizontal speed compensation - Added a delay to Auto-Shoot and Triggerbot. Delay is randomly generated between the range of 100-200 ms Note: When using a semi-automatic weapon such as pistols or snipers, it is recommended to use a custom aim key User Interface - Greatly improved FPS while menu is open (up to 80% on some tabs) - Added support for tabs with custom icons - Added Checkbox animations - Reworked Sliders to match with the new UI style - Replaced tab names by icons - Removed FOV acceleration slider - Removed Direction acceleration slider - Tweaked menu interface Visuals - Added Glow ESP, teammates and enemies included - Added health based glow esp for enemies - Added engine radar, you'll be able see unspotted enemies on your game minimap - Added bounding esp boxes - Improved esp box placement when entity is crouched or sideways - Added "Scoped" status. Displays whether the entity is currently scoping with a sniper - Added Flashed status - Added "Money" status. Displays entity available money - Added Reloading status - Added Defuse-kit status - Added Bomb Carrier holder Skinchanger - Added latest available skins - Removed filters, they were heavy on performance - Removed weapon paint kits from skins labels Triggerbot - You can now set a custom keybind Configs - You can now right click on an existing config and choose rename/remove - Added color setting for glow Bugs - Fixed more crashes - Fixed "weapon error script" messages - Fixed "Draw Spread" - Fixed "Draw Fov" - Fixed skinchanger random crashes - Fixed grenade trajectory informer - Fixed reveal ranks Security DLL - Added RTTI obfuscation Injector - Erase module header information after injection Other - You can quickly close the menu by pressing 'escape' or 'esc' - Aimbot won't aim while menu is open - Triggerbot won't shoot while menu is open - The follwing features have been added to the free version: Visuals: Show Health, Armor, Bones, Glow The aimbot rework took more time than I expected, I apologize for the delay.
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    War Thunder would be nice.
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    Nothing's wrong with our EFT cheat Our Free EFT is disabled to ensure it doesn't cause any attention to be drawn to us from BSG
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    Also a Garry's mod cheat would be good as well
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    I think, it will brilliant to add Merryweather - like hiring a group of mercenaries to gun down a player (specific player) and Merryweather will continue arriving until killing a player. !!!
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    add option to teleport players to you
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    Add so that the person teleports to you
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    If u work in subway, yes please, double chocolate cookie, as many as possible
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    those are protection options, protecting urself against whatever is stated by that option
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    EFT Changelog: (2 August 2019) Improvements - Worked on Performance/Aimbot improved the update speed of the Aimbot and worked on Performance Issues - Worked on Crash Issue that occurred when extracting from a Raid Bug Fixed - Fixed Aimbot switching Rapidly - Fixed Aimbot Lock Priority Aimbot used to choose the closest target to your cursor regardless of what player you were locked onto EFT Changelog: (5 August 2019) Bug Fixed - Aimbot Fixed EFT Changelog: (6 August 2019) Bug Fixed Fixed Various Bugs with the Server...etc Improvements - Added a Kill Cheat Key (Keyboard Key: End) - Bone Colors change based on the Bone Health - The Bone Color changes based on the Bone Health instead of the Overall Health EFT Changelog: (8 August 2019) Improvements - Worked on Performance/Aimbot I improved the update speed of the Aimbot and worked on Performance Issues - Worked on Crash Issue that occurred when extracting from a Raid Sometimes at the end of a Raid this occured, applied an update to help reduce/resolve the issue - Changed SlimDX to Auto Load without Installing it This has not been heavily tested, please alert me if you notice EFT not launching properly Bug Fixed - Fixed Aimbot switching Rapidly Aimbot would aim at a random position, now it shouldn't switch randomly - Aimbot Fixed - Aimbot wouldn't work for anyone 'Under' the Map due to those coordinates being negative or not above 0 EFT Changelog: (9 August 2019) Improvements - Added Loot ESP You are able to enable ground Loot ESP - Added Equipment ESP You are able to toggle equipment information such as Armor, Helmet, Tac Vest and Backpacks Note: Item ESP is limited to 5 specific categories at this time due to performance Bug Fixed - Fixed After Raid Crash related to Health - Fixed Health EFT Changelog: (11 August 2019) Improvements - Added Item ESP Filters for some Categories Added Item Filters for some Basic categories Bug Fixed - Fixed some bugs I inserted some code and did some various bug fixes, still have issues? Contact Crispy, thanks. - Fixed Black Screen Issue
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