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    Version 0.02


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    in my opionion best mod menu u can get for free out there been using it for half a year now still undetected money loop is broken hope it will get fixxed soon ./
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    Fix money drop selection, when you highlight a player name in the menu, and someone joins the session, the highlight moves to another player, and can be frustrating, once you highlight a player it should stay on his/her name whether people join the session or not, also you should be able to highlight more then one name at a time, we should be able to give three people money at the same time or even the whole session if we choose too, giving money individually, isnt fun..
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    With ped drop the game will stop you after $60k, VIP does not have this issue and has working stealth money which can add $10mil per second.
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    Answer below with suggestions that we could use to change, add or make things better.
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    I would love you could could add in something to display information on people in our session, such as health, whether they have god mode on and if you could incorporate a feature to show their IP because I am sick of running into other modders and having to kick them.
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    An ESP for GTA V Paid would be very useful.
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    when is the update?
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    when i launch the vip it tells me to launch gta then it comes up with a command prompt saying can't find game core d3d11.dll can you please help me fix it
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    can't create configs on the paid CS:GO cheat does anyone know why? whenever i click create nothing happens.
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    Can you guys update the protection and the kick please. Even if i activate all the protections, i still get black screened, and the kick doesn't even kick the player, it just black screens them, so can we have a kick that boots them into singleplayer?
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    news on update?
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    I suggest to add a skeleton on their bodies that I can see them in a dark place, cuz this is a bit trashy cuz u can't see them properly in a dark place only the box so u don't know where to shoot exactly, or a glow thing contoured on their body, it will be awsome
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    Can you add feature so we can use a mini gun or the laser gun when we shoot it shoots out money bags
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    For GTA V how long until the Money Loop is getting fix.
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    Is there anyway to save your config
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    kick player frome this session
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    It would be cool to add unlimited orbital cannons (i mean no delay between two shots)
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    i was ban yesterday i use gta 5 vip what do i do now?
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