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    GTA Multiplayers (FiveM, RageMP) SCP: Secret Laboratory
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    World of Tanks?
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    A cheat for War Thunder would be immensely appreciated. Mainly for ground forces. The game literally does not even have anti-cheat, so I imagine it's easier to code around. From what I can tell there's a fairly large demand in it's community for "cracked" versions of some of the more popular cheats, because they're fairly expensive for a free to play with no anti-cheat to speak of, lol.
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    Also a Garry's mod cheat would be good as well
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    Roblox love hacking on this
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    Version 0.07.2


    Use the file somewhere in a folder on your desktop for the best experience.
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    FiveM Servers
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    Maybe apex legends, cod ww2,fh4,owerwatch,heroes and generals?I just bought ww2 and i fckn suck hahaha.And i forgot ets2 - Euro Truck Simulator and Destiny 2.
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    World of Tanks Terraria
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    We wanna see suggestions for new cheats that we can develop, these suggestions SHOULD NOT include games that run EasyAntiCheat or BattlEye as we do not wish to return to these games. Suggestions will be added to a Poll to be voted on in the future. Thank you.
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    CSGO Internal Changelog: (May 2019) Improvements - Updated for game version 1.36.9 - Cheat is now much more stable - Reworked configs - Reworked renderer and improved performance Bugs - Fixed a crash with ExceptionHandler on dll unload - Fixed a crash when loading maps - Fixed configs sometimes unable to Save & Load - Fixed crashes with skinchanger and backtrack Security - Improved Anti Debug on Windows 10RS4 1803 Other - Upgraded to Dear ImGui version 1.70 WIP NOTE: Internally, it is a huge update for the cheat. It will allow us to work more efficiently on future updates. If you notice any issues with it, please submit a bug report.
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    War thunder cheats plis... this game rly dont have anti cheat sys... and ava dog tag cheats
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    FiveM (GTA V mod)
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    Black ops 4 would be insane.
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    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Pandemic Express (No Anti-Cheat) Stick Fight (No Anti-Cheat i think) ShellShock Live (No Anti-Cheat i think)
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    I'd like to see some Team Fortress 2 cheats. Mainly because, I really only trust your guys cheats
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    7 days to die, I will pay for that every time! There anti cheat is very easy and not many people create mods for 7 days to die
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    5.1 - General Rules - Rules Listed on https://maverickcheats.eu/community/forum/34-rules/ apply to this Discord as well. - The Discord rules take precedence should there be overlap - You must have a valid Maverick account linked to your Discord profile/ID. If you do not have a Maverick account linked, you risk being kicked. - You may not annoy, harass, insult, or bully another member of the server. - You must be respectful to the staff. Rudeness is not tolerated - You may not tag/dm staffs or the owner. Repeated violations will result in a lengthy mute - do not ask to be unmuted or unbanned in forums or here, we do not unturn mutes and bans unless it was done by mistake - If you are willing to provide support. Please use full description for instructions, be precise, accurate, not short. otherwise people cannot follow your instructions. Not everybody is tech savvy - No NSFW content - Staff members has their own rules to follow, so do not call them out on failing to comply with a users rule as they may be excempted. You will be warned and possibly muted. 5.2 - Channel Usage - Text Channels should only be used for their intended purpose, keep all support in support channels or risk being punished - Voice Channels should only be used for their intended purpose - Spamming and flooding, uselessly and over tagging users and channel hopping are not permitted - the use of @everyone and @here is strictly prohibited and only Admins and Superiors are allowed to use them - @support is only allowed in support channels, spamming would result in a ban - Arguing in public is not ok and should be taken to direct messages. Discussions are welcome but must follow all of our rules. - Posting of personally identifiable information (i.e. name, address, email, phone number, etc.) of other users or yourself, is not allowed regardless of the circumstances. - English is the only language to be used on all channels 5.3 - Microphone and Sounds - Playing music is strictly prohibited, except for in the #music channel. - Strictly no earrape - Music added to the music bot cannot contain profanity or obscenely long songs (>10 minutes). - Spotify invitations must be kept to #music-commands only. They are not permitted elsewhere on the discord. 5.4 - Advertising - Only Spotify playlist links are allowed in #music-commands - Advertising other Discord guilds is strictly prohibited. - Advertising Streams are strictly prohibited ( with the exception of Maverick Streams located in #Streams) - Advertising in general is prohibited 5.5 Usernames and Nicknames - No impersonating of other people or staff. This includes but is not limited to Maverick staff. - Nicknames must not be considered offensive, explicit or defamatory in any way. - Nicknames should not be utilising Zalgo text or similar text encoding intricacies to make the name taller or wider than normal. If you do not know what this is, you are probably safe. 5.6 Inappropriate content - Posting any inappropriate content is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to the sharing or posting of explicit, inappropriate or pornographic content and the distribution of links, pictures, videos or sounds of this nature. - Also included is the distribution of links or files containing viruses, malware, illegal software, torrents etc. that are considered illegal under European law. - The use of IP trackers or other malicious gathering tools is strictly prohibited. - The use of Selfbots is against the Discord rules, any use of them here is prohibited - Memes which shows any NSFW is strictly prohibited Terms of Service & Privacy Policy All Rules here ARE SUBJECTED TO CHANGE and more may be added at ANY given time without prior notice, by using our services, you hereby ACCEPT this policy. By agreeing to these rules, you also agree to our terms of service
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    black ops3
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    Have you opened the Launcher List by clicking the Top Left 3 Lines? It shows Labels for the list, PS: Almost always the Paid cheat is after the Free cheat on the List.
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    CSGO Internal Changelog: - Fixed an exploit with Configs allowing you to enable paid features on a free subscription. - Fixed a few crashes related to weapons - Fixed injection on Windows 7
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    AirMech Strike and Crossout
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    I'm not sure if bf3/1/5 has battleye or that other anti cheat. I'd love to see battlefield 3 and battlefield 1/5 in here as well!! Team Fortress 2 as well would be awesome!! OHH black ops 2!!!!
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    Battlefield 5 Pls
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    Deceit Cheat plssssssssssssssssssssssssss
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    Options still in development/ not released to public
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    Installation: Download and Install our Launcher from the Downloads section. Buy our CSGO [PAID] Cheat from our Store if you don't own it already. Disable, Uninstall or Exclude our Software and Folder from your AntiVirus's. Run the launcher, login and then we recommend that you disable autolaunch on all our cheats. Launch the CSGO (Paid) Cheat, when the Launcher says its been injected. You may continue to the next step. Then run your game from Steam as quick as possible. (You have 60 seconds) After launching the game press insert to open the menu Details: The Cheat offers many features such as Aimbot (toggle Switch, backtrack, No RCS, FOV, Auto shoot and many more). Visuals ( Toggle switch, boxes, Names, Health, bones, weapons, glow and enemy status) Media:
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    GTA5 Internal [VIP] changelog (April 2019) Security - Improved anticheat bypass (Script thread scans, stealth money, objects and vehicles spawn)
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    GTA5 Internal [VIP] changelog (March 2019) New Features - Added Flying Car. Keybinds are: - 'W' to go Forward - 'A' to go Left - 'D' to go Right - 'Space' to instantly stop - 'Numepad 5' to move Pitch Up (z coordinate) - 'Numepad 8' to move Pitch Down (x coordinate) - Re-added $2500 money bags Improvements - Improved anticheat bypass - Improved Teleport to Waypoint - Switched to a main, better perfomant game thread to improve cycles - Improved pattern scanner - Improved performance - Improved Event Listener Bugs - Fixed Bullet Force - Fixed No Recoil - Fixed crashes with specific weapons - Fixed Unlimited Ammo - Fixed Global Weather - Fixed crashes with gameclock - Fixed a bug with remote events sometime spreading on other players - Fixed Remote Protections Security - Better Mutation - Better Virtualization - Better String protection Other - Minor internal changes
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    Hi there cheat money can't activate, so it gonna be fix soon right?
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    1. Add maverick log inside the client or remove it... 2. Make it possible to close and minimize it. 3. The function when you open up the tab "to see the full name" Remove it and have it open all the time becuse you have this bigray box anyway so why not fill it out with the box? or if you keep it change the animation its looks bad and i think its litel overkill, why not just normal slide out?. 4. have report in a small bottom under the games and add easy help guide to load cheat to game insted. 5. have a hover funktion on launch. 6. add logo on the top? and make it take you to the website. 7. lower the maverickcheat text? 8. When you open up the game tab and you click on the profile foto, make it so you get to the profile on the website? 9. make a settings tab so you can híde cheats or other stuff.
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