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  2. Roblox would probably be pretty easy and would be something i'd pay for. Mainly games like phantom forces.
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  4. CSGO Internal Changelog: (June 2019) Improvements Aimbot - Reorganized weapon settings in 5 groups: Pistol | Rifle | Sniper | Smg | Heavy - When a setting is adjusted, all weapons in that class will inherit from it - Aimbot FOV is now much more precise and will prioritize targets with more certainty - Aimbot Smooth has been entirely reworked. It is now faster and more responsive - Added Recoil compensation to weapon groups - Added curved movement (was linear before). This will help fight VACNet and Faceit - Added vertical and horizontal speed compensation - Added a delay to Auto-Shoot and Triggerbot. Delay is randomly generated between the range of 100-200 ms Note: When using a semi-automatic weapon such as pistols or snipers, it is recommended to use a custom aim key User Interface - Greatly improved FPS while menu is open (up to 80% on some tabs) - Added support for tabs with custom icons - Added Checkbox animations - Reworked Sliders to match with the new UI style - Replaced tab names by icons - Removed FOV acceleration slider - Removed Direction acceleration slider - Tweaked menu interface Visuals - Added Glow ESP, teammates and enemies included - Added health based glow esp for enemies - Added engine radar, you'll be able see unspotted enemies on your game minimap - Added bounding esp boxes - Improved esp box placement when entity is crouched or sideways - Added "Scoped" status. Displays whether the entity is currently scoping with a sniper - Added Flashed status - Added "Money" status. Displays entity available money - Added Reloading status - Added Defuse-kit status - Added Bomb Carrier holder Skinchanger - Added latest available skins - Removed filters, they were heavy on performance - Removed weapon paint kits from skins labels Triggerbot - You can now set a custom keybind Configs - You can now right click on an existing config and choose rename/remove - Added color setting for glow Bugs - Fixed more crashes - Fixed "weapon error script" messages - Fixed "Draw Spread" - Fixed "Draw Fov" - Fixed skinchanger random crashes - Fixed grenade trajectory informer - Fixed reveal ranks Security DLL - Added RTTI obfuscation Injector - Erase module header information after injection Other - You can quickly close the menu by pressing 'escape' or 'esc' - Aimbot won't aim while menu is open - Triggerbot won't shoot while menu is open - The follwing features have been added to the free version: Visuals: Show Health, Armor, Bones, Glow The aimbot rework took more time than I expected, I apologize for the delay.
  5. I would like to see Warface cheats for PVE mainly
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    Launches into login screen then instantly crashes.
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  8. EFT Changelog: (13 June 2019) Bugs Fixed - Fixed ESP where it sometimes wouldn't load during the start of a raid EFT Changelog: (4 June 2019) Improvements - Added Overlay Move and Resize/1 second - Added Overlay Check for Device Lost/1 second - Added Average RPS/FPS to the Overlay/1 second Bug Fixed - Fixed Blank Overlay issue on Init EFT Changelog: (3 June 2019) Improvements - Added DoNotWait Flag to DirectX to decrease CPU usage Bug Fixed - More fixes to reduce White Screen Crashes EFT Changelog: (1 June 2019) Bug Fixed - Fixed Extract ESP
  9. zac


    War Thunder cheat Maybe a lead indicator for planes and esp for tanks esp showing there distance and aim bot for moving targets that will add lead for the shot and the right distance iv heard from some people that war thunder does not use an anti cheat and only rely on player reports
  10. Heroes & Generals World of Tanks
  11. I would like to know if it will ever be implemented rage cheat into CSGO cheats.
  12. TarkovOps


    No you do not
  13. or, and hear me out: play pmc and aimlock the guy that finds it
  14. GTA 5 money loop on free version isn't working will it get fixed?
  15. n1vdia1


    HEROES & GENERALS! Heroes & Generals On Steam
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